Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rahul Gandhi: Biography

Rahul Gandhi Biography
Rahul Gandhi is a name that needs no introduction. He comes from a lineage of the great Indian leaders. That’s why even at a simple age, it was all too simple to predict what would become of the young boy. As here the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

Young Rahul has got a quality education from leading frontiers, first at St. Columbia's School after which he proceeded to Doon School for four years. Before joining Harvard, he had earlier attended St. Stephen's college in Delhi. Sadly, his father was assassinated during a political rally and he had to change schools. This shows how dirty politics can get in India, with most leaders undergoing the same cruel exit, but who is to say how they got there in the first place? I'll leave you to answer that.

Education and Politics

After the completion of his studies, he sought employment at the Monitor Group before becoming a director in Backops Services Private Ltd. His life in employment had a short span given that he was a chip off the old block. In 2004, he officially joined politics contesting in the constituency of Amethi. Having come from the most renowned political family in India and perhaps the world, he easily won the seat with an unparalleled majority vote marking his breaking of the political waters. During this period, he and his sister managed their mother re-election campaign. It was such a success as she won with a very wide majority of more than 400000 votes. This goes to show that though new in active politics, his skills are already horned. He promised the people that he would champion agendas to reduce the tensions of religion and caste in India. This was clever of him since he had to gain and keep the peoples' trust and consequently votes. His intention is definitely to focus his strengths on a long successful stay in politics and perhaps the culmination of it all, be at the helm of the country.

Controversial arguments by scholars

Every once in a while in the world, a stormy debate ensues on whether inherent politics is really the way forward. This is what happens when members of the same family continuously hold on to political seats, having the rivals' even question the morality of the whole idea. It is not just hard to accuse members of the family but also, in the same breath of morality, wrongful judging of individuals. Everyone must strive to be the angels in them so do not make a bed and opt not to lie in it.

This shows Rahul Gandhi’s personality is seamlessly boundless.

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